'The Witcher' Is on Our List of Stuff We'll Watch on Netflix [TRAILER]

Michael Loftus

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How will Netflix compete with the new streaming service from Disney? With really cool looking shows like The Witcher evidently. This show looks highly entertaining.

We find it interesting that in the trailer they say "based on the bestselling books" and they make no mention of the video games. Maybe they're embarrassed. Dunno. But I do know this: Those games are fantastic and have a storyline better than most flicks in the theaters recently. And yes, there are books as well.

So who knows? There's plenty of source material to draw from. Maybe Netflix can do a better job than HBO did with Game of Thrones. Meaning: They won't shit the bed in the final season. HA! (That was a fake laugh. The last season of GOT still hurts.)

The Witcher arrives December 20.

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