Test Your Movie Title Knowledge with These Online Search Games

Lisa Tate

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I think it's safe to assume the binge-watching and home movie marathons are still in full swing, which in the world of social media turns into movie knowledge arguments, theory sharing and the obligatory “list the five best movies for…” open-ended entertainment questions I usually avoid answering as my opinions on this constantly change.

Movie buffs love to challenge their movie memory, and one of the most fun ways to keep those mental muscles working is with puzzles. I have found some great movie title visual puzzles to help pass the time, either on your own or with your fellow quarantine captives (aka family).

Popcorn Garage

There are 66 hidden movie references in this game set in a Route 66 style garage scene. With each one found, you get a badge offering a clip of that movie. Three “strikes,” however, and you have to start again. It is as addictive as a video game, but gives you a good movie memory workout.

Once you’ve completed this one, there is a Popcorn TV challenge (PopcornGarage2) that works the same way, only this one includes some bonus point trivia and TV theme song challenges as well.

The Old Curiosity Shop

Clio Award winning illustrator Kevin M. Wilson created this Gremlins inspired poster in 2017, and in it are around 84 hidden movie Easter Eggs, found among the shop’s clutter and oddities. It stands alone as an incredible piece of movie art, but it will keep you looking at it and guessing for some time. If you get stumped, you can find an answer key via Mental Floss.

M&Ms Dark Movie Challenge

Back in 2006 M&Ms candy celebrated the release of its “dark chocolate” variety with an interactive search game featuring references to 50 classic horror, thriller, mystery and other “dark” films hidden in a painting. For a candy promotion, this is a really cool game with a great eerie design. Thanks to Archives.org, you can still find it and play in online. You can access this game, plus a link to an answer key, via Church of Halloween.

Happy hunting!

PopCorn Garage image: Lisa Tate. "Dark Movie" header image screengrab via M&Ms.

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Michael Loftus


HA! Fantastic! And ya know I'm gonna play!