Supermodel Elsa Hosk [VIDEO]

Supermodel ELSA HOSK - (Remix) 4K(UHD)
Supermodel ELSA HOSK - (Remix) 4K(UHD)

charming #ElsaHosk and women's underwear Track Music - Remix created by Guram.G. Entertainment channel... #BestStyle4K Fashion world. Photo sessions with fam...

Michael Loftus

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Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm just waaaaay out of the loop. I'd never heard of Elsa Hosk before. Why?! How can this be? You know what that is? It's a tragedy. I have failed.

But the secret is to learn from our failures and pick ourselves back up. Endeavor to do better. And that's what I shall do. (RELATED: Samantha Hoopes Is Dreamy [VIDEO])

My sincere apologies to Elsa and the entire Hosk family. You're awesome. Continued success.

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