Superheroines—Clad in Milk! [PHOTOS]

Paul Hair

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Back in 2014, The Daily Mail ran an article that highlighted Polish photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz pouring milk on female models and photographing them. He then manipulated the resulting images to make it look like the women were superheroines. I thought about it the other day and checked to see if Wieczorkiewicz has an Instagram account. Here’s what I found.

The photos in The Daily Mail article showed an “arumlight” website address. And when searching Instagram, “arumlight” comes up with Wieczorkiewicz’s name attached to it. It isn’t officially verified, but the photos match what are in the old Mail article, so it seems this is his account.

Below are some photos from said Instagram account. I’ve curated some of his superheroine work, but I’ve also included some other content, including behind-the-scene shots that purport to show how Wieczorkiewicz makes his images.

Should I write some more or just get to the photos?

I think we all know the answer to that.

First up: Ms. Marvel—not Captain Marvel—as she was meant to be.

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