Stop Stereotyping Conservative Women's Sex Lives

The left, for all their complaining about stereotyping, labeling, and for all the "isms" they like to scream while pointing their fingers, they sure do like to put right-leaning women in a box. It is a small, stuffy box, in which no conservative/republican women are allowed to step out of, in the left's mind (I used the singular tense for a reason here). According to them, if a woman does not subscribe to their political belief system, she must be boring, against human "rights", and not at all interested in sex for anything other than procreation.

I'm here to declare that this caricature that the left has painted right-wing women as, is simply false. We ladies on the right may not protest in the nude, or tout the killing of children, but we enjoy a good pearl necklace over pearl clutching. We do it while not ignoring the biological differences between men and women, and we do it while taking responsibility for our sexual decisions—which makes our sex so true and satisfying.

Amanda Marcotte of Salon, Katie Halper of Jezebel, and others have given reasons such as being pro-life, not raving about sex enough, or religion as "proof" right-leaning women do not enjoy sex fully. This, even though study after study has proven that conservative women actually enjoy sex more than their leftist counterparts. It seems as if these "feminists" think that if one is willing to be a responsible adult, most likely in a monogamous relationship, and not flaunting their sexuality at every turn, they are not partial enough to locking legs and swapping gravy. Newsflash: You do not have to define yourself by your vagina to have a fulfilling sex life. Furthermore, wouldn't it make sense that women who do not make a habit of constantly tearing men down have better luck finding a sex partner who wants to please them? Shouldn't this be logged under the term common sense?

Though, Cosmopolitan would have you believe that it is bad that men want to please women because they only do so because it makes them feel manly, or something. Heaven forbid men be men and women be women. And as if men do not perform acts to show that they care. Is it not possible that maybe they like to please to show how they feel? Perhaps Cosmo should stick to make-up tutorials and worshipping celebrities.

So, if the likes of Jezebel and other "feminist" outlets want us women on the right to "prove" we enjoy bumping uglies, then I am happy to speak on my own and others' behalfs. If the left chooses to ignore the data on hand, fine. I will fall on this grenade, and I will continue to write about the joys of the lust-and-thrust. I will be that woman who speaks up for my fellow right-wingettes and declares that lefties shall not mislabel us as non-sexual and dull beings. My guess is that these assumptions are made by those who do not have any conservative or republican female friends, or choose not to believe in the mind-blowing sex that happens on the right.

Is Sex Liaison a thing? I think I could excel at that position, and I am happy to do so.