Steampunk Reality: 1902 Suspended Railway [VIDEO]

The Flying Train (1902) | MoMA FILM VAULT SUMMER CAMP
The Flying Train (1902) | MoMA FILM VAULT SUMMER CAMP

"The Flying Train" depicts a ride on a suspended railway in Germany in 1902. The footage is almost as impressive as the feat of engineering it captures. For ...

Paul Hair

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On Aug. 13, The Drive posted about the above 1902 film clip of a suspended railway operating in Germany, noting that “this looks like it’s out of some steampunk fantasy.” (RELATED: Steampunk, Fantasy, & Romance! ‘One Flew Through the Dragon Heart’…)

Click over to The Drive for the full story, including how the railway is still in use today.

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


that is so cool! Let's build these all over LA! must have same look though