Some Fitness Brands You Can Believe In!

Aurora Dawn

In this post, I'm including several of the affiliate marketing links for product brands that I use and recommend for clients and anyone who asks for suggestions.

Disclosure: I DO make a commission on purchases people make through my links. I am not in a contract to promote the brands, but I also usually only link to products I really like! I have used (and LOVED) some of them more than others, and if you ever look at my Instagram and Twitter accounts over time, you will be able to tell which ones! :)

For our purposes here, I’m including a few others I have links for that are great brands that you may like, even if I don’t always promote them to clients in person. And I’m also throwing in my link for Liberty Junkies, which isn’t fitness related at all, but let’s face it, IS awesome!

I would be happy to elaborate if you have questions about any of the products, and if you are considering making a purchase anyway, I hope you will consider clicking through these links. Thank you!

Fabletics workout apparel.

TRX Suspension Training Systems:

Athia Skincare:
And my 15% Discount Code: AthiaBFF15

Kind Bars (yum!):



Eden’s Herbals CBD products:

Just Thrive Nutritional Supplements:

Much of what I use for clients and classes has come from Amazon, and quickly, if you have Prime!

And last but not least....

Liberty Junkies 🇺🇸

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


Awesome links! I might have to check out the TRX !