So You're Looking for Some Sweet Ass Merch! Here Ya Go!

Michael Loftus

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Every once in a while we feel compelled to post the links to merch. For a lot of reasons. Mainly because the link to the Store on this page is pretty much hidden. Frustrating? Yes. But I'm not a web designer so right now mah hands be kinda tied. It sucks. Yes. I know. I am KEENLY aware. Good news? We're not in the tee shirt business. It's not the reason this site exists. Right? Right.

So here ya go. 2 links for ya.

First is the classic "Store." This one has Travel Mugs, Shot Glasses, Shirts AND...Underwear for that sweet, sweet booty, ya sexy heathens!

Second is the link to the TeeSpring Store. It has the shirt I designed and am wearing in the photo above. I like it. It's available in a lot of different colors too. Hope you dig it.

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