So, It Might Now Be Possible to Make the Green Goblin’s Glider [VIDEO]

Paul Hair

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In early August, The Guardian published a video of “French inventor Franky Zapata” crossing the English Channel (22 miles) on a jet-powered hoverboard. It doesn’t have the wings that Spider-Man villain Green Goblin has on his Goblin Glider, but it does bear some similarities. So who knows where all this will lead.

I’m not saying we’re going to see a bunch of Goblin Glider’s pop up all over the place, but it might now be possible for someone to manufacture something similar to the fictional machine just for whimsy.

Again, that is a big MIGHT. If Zapata really did fly 22 miles without stopping, then he appears to have solved the issue of power supply. But who knows? Maybe the fuel or power source he is using isn’t readily available. Or maybe there are other challenges the video doesn’t reveal.

Regardless, if Zapata has designed a practical device, and if he pursues his invention further, he might bring the jet-powered hoverboard to market. And I’m sure people would be able to find unique uses for it.

Watch the above video and then check out the video below of the Green Goblin in action on his glider in the movie Spider-Man (2002).

(Note: Commenters at The Guardian noticed the similarities between Zapata’s glider and the Green Goblin’s glider. But I didn’t steal the observation from them. I made it before reading them.)

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