Sign Says No Outside Beverages? No Problem.

Heading to a concert or other festival? Here's how you ditch the overpriced beer.

Good Lord I get a lot of junk mail. But every once in a while my finger hits upon a true gem. Intrigued by an email from for a homemade ginger beer recipe, I opened their e-mail. Ginger beer is absolutely one of my favorite mixers in the summer and it is integral to a fabulous hot weather drink, the Dark and Stormy. The first time I sampled this beverage was at The Pirate's House in Savannah, Georgia. A landmark you must visit if you are ever in town.

1 part Krakken Black Spiced Rum, 2 parts Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic) over ice with a twist of lime it is a great evening cocktail to serve friends. It's easy and requires zero bartending skills. The only way you can screw it up is if you use light rum or God forbid, Captain Morgan. If you do this the ghosts of murderous pirates will haunt you forever.

But I digress. The ginger beer recipe did not impress me but a product review did. I adore festivals and concerts. I do not adore the fact that the price of a beer could buy me a six pack on the outside and a mixed drink is the same price as a bottle of the cheap stuff. And most of these venues only use the cheap stuff. So to avoid the headache of overpriced crappy drinks, has some sly tricks. In the link you will see items that appear to be everything from a tube of sunscreen to a pack of tampons. Not even kidding.

But as with most things, there's MORE! If you don't find what you're looking for in the link or really can't stomach the thought of sipping from something that look like a Tampax, all of these suggestions beat the rinsed out hairspray bottle I used to fill from my parents stash. I really hope my mom isn't reading this.....

Got seats in the upper deck? Maybe on the lawn? Who wouldn't want a better view? Papa Bert has styled these binoculars to hold 16 oz of your favorite beverage. You can grab a pair for $12.99.

​Perfect for the beach, a festival or anywhere else you can bring a cooler, but are technically NOT supposed to bring alcohol, we have Solly's Ice Pack flasks. You can pick up a pair for $9.99 with the added advantage of keeping your beverage cold if you throw in a few of the real deal.

Smuggle Your Booze 6oz hairbrush flask gave us ideas beyond festivals and concerts. It is summer movie season. This could be the perfect accessory for the Deadpool 2 premiere. At $21.99 for this genius little reusable container, we're almost sure the anti-hero himself would approve.

​And finally, the perfect date night accessory that comes with it's own straw, The Wine Rack! Available in various sizes and perfectly proportioned to give you a boost, this little gem costs $29.99. And who's gonna tap you on the shoulder if it just looks like your better half is giving you a romantic snuggle. This could be worth the price of admission. We linked you to the large cuz more.....booze.

So for the price of a single plastic cup of beer or two really lousy mixed drinks, you can buy a reusable container that allows you to bring your own beverage almost anywhere. Even places you aren't supposed to. As always, we're here to help.Let's get summer party ready! It's been a really long winter.