Sexy Handmaiden Costume? Why NOT?

Wanna be a Slutty Handmaiden this Halloween? Seems like a fine idea! The irony and absurd nature of the costume seems legit. Too bad for you, though., the company that was selling the outfit, stopped selling it. Why? People we "Outraged". And to that I say: Boooooo! You suck.

What's the problem? Are people upset because in the work (of FICTION!) Handmaidens are being used? Is that your beef? Does it all boil down to: These fictional people wouldn't like the idea as being treated as sex objects? I think that's what it is. I hate to tell you this, but that's exactly the kind of juxtaposition that Halloween has become. This didn't start yesterday either. It's been going on for a WHILE. and guess what? EVERYONE is sexualized on Halloween. The entire Holiday has shifted from kids to adults. And drunk adults wanna be a sexy, slutty, slinky ANYTHINGS! They should be allowed.

Lets go down a short list of OTHER costumes depicting people and lifestyles that are definitely not "Down to Bang", but people have been dressing up as sexy/slutty versions for years! Sexy Nurse, Sexy Cop (these noble professions are here to help and heal! Not to be the object of your desires!) and the ultimate in hypocrisy... the sexy Nun. C'mon everybody, A sexy Nun? Are we supposed to believe that Nuns are happy about being treated as sex objects? Are you HIGH?! That you're offended by Sexy Handmaiden (again...not real things) and NOT offended be sexualized versions of a religious order? Is beyond the beyond. Please step away from the keyboard, you complete and total moron.

If you're gonna make ONE sexy? Ya gotta make em ALL sexy. That's how freedom of expression (and fun) works. Shame on for folding. This decision by them leads me to the conclusion that they officially suck. What's good for the goose should also be good for the sexy gander. So let's stay away from the outrage machine and have a good time on Halloween. If that involves you, dressing up as a brain surgeon with your boobs hanging out? Fantastic! And if you wanna be a slutty Handmaiden? Go for it! Don't let the SJW's get you down. In fact, I think I just figured out MY costume. A sexy SJW. It's regular clothes, but they're wet from my tears at the Worlds unfairness.

What are YOU wearing this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below.