Random Thoughts for Better Living from the Mgmt

Michael Loftus

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We didn't mess around with some "Look back at 2019" post. Let other people do that. Those articles are always kinda cool. We decided to do something a little different. Random thoughts. Sure it might be a bit lazy but fuck it. We don't follow any bullshit website rules...and we might have stayed up a bit late last night and just had the idea for this piece about five minutes ago. Don't judge. In fact, that's gonna kick off our random thoughts.

These are in no particular order by the way.

We WERE gonna say "Don't Judge" but that's bullshit. Go ahead and judge. Some shit is just bad for ya. So judge. But be cool about it.

Don't be a dick. This is an addendum to "Don't Judge." It's cool to be your own person, but nobody likes a dick. So don't rub your choices in other people's faces. Let people fuck up. Don't be a know it all.

You'll never be as young as you are now. Stop putting shit off. If you want to try something? Do something? Go! Begin! That whole "Nobody is promised tomorrow" thing? That's for real. What do you want to do? Don't wait! Let's go!

Fear will mess you up. I'm talking about fearing what other people will think about you if you really open up and take a chance. This is one I struggle with all the time. It's a real bitch. What I try to do is ask myself, "Am I really scared?" OR "Am I afraid of what people will think?" It kinda helps put things in perspective. Still a struggle. But screw those people. They're probably not thinking about you anyway. They're too busy being terrified of what WE think about them! HA!

Feel free to laugh at idiots. There's tons of 'em out there. We can shake our fists in the air and scream like banshees or we can laugh. Me personally? I'd rather hang out with people who are having a good time as opposed to a gang of screaming people. Besides, it's hard to look cool when you're screaming.

Do the shit you thought you'd do as a kid. You're a grown up. You have some money. That thing you wanted to do as a little kid? Do it! I had a Snickers bar for breakfast the other day. Fuckin' awesome.

Wanna be sexy? Act sexy! It's that easy. Fashion is fickle. You'll probably never have the "right" look or the "right' hair. Confidence is sexy. If you don't have confidence? Pretend. It'll work. Then you'll have confidence for real.

Don't forget to get your groove on. Crank up the music and jam! I'm all over the board when it comes to "good" music. All I know is that I know what I like and I will crank that shit up! It's crazy but music can really change your mood. I can't think of many things that work so well to get you out of a funk.

This is for the ladies: Stop wearing Ugg boots in public. This isn't your living room. You're not hanging out at home. You're outside. Leave the house shoes at the house.

Dudes: Same rule with the flip flops. Fucking STOP! This isn't the beach or the pool. You're at the airport for fucks sake! Nobody wants to see your jacked up feet. Nobody.

If someone shows you a "funny" video or meme and you've already seen it? Pretend you haven't. It's not that hard. They were really excited to show you something and see your reaction. Don't be a dick and rob them by saying, "Oh yeah, I saw that." Total douche move.

Don't eat sushi. Trust me. Have you ever met a person who eats sushi who hasn't been poisoned by that crap and puked/shit their guts out? That's a day they'll never get back. So don't eat sushi.

Wear your seatbelt. It's the same philosophy as sushi. If you get into a wreck? You won't be hurt as bad if you're wearing a seatbelt. More time to have fun.

Be WEIRD! Weird people have way more fun. Do everything in your power to be a little odd. Odd is interesting. YOU CANNOT FAKE THIS! This is born of being true to yourself and having interests. Get a hobby. Embrace that shit. You'll be weird in no time.

Get your face out of your phone. Again, I'm guilty of this one. I have to remind myself ALL the time. Look up! There is cool shit everywhere but you gotta look. It's not all on the phone.

Life isn't fair. Try to get over it as soon as possible.

Look forward.

Keep trying.

Don't give up.

Wanna add some wisdom of your own? Do it! That's why the Lord made comment sections.

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