Random Thoughts. Feb. 3rd, 2020.

Michael Loftus

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These are in no particular order. I'm legit just throwing out some thoughts.

That was a great Super Bowl. Shouldn't Superbowl be one word? Looks weird though. I had no dog in the hunt this year. My interest in the NFL has fallen off sharply in the last couple of years. I really don't miss it. At all. It was a great game though. Congrats to the KC Chiefs! Come from behind win was fun to watch! So good for you! The ads were kind of a miss for me. Expectations too high? Dunno. Jason Momoa made me laugh and Bill Murray stood out. Murray was selling a Jeep? And Momoa was selling...? Mortgage place? Maybe?

Rush Limbaugh has lung cancer. This really bums me out. I'm horribly ill informed on this one. Not sure what stage it is or even how the stage thing works. All I know is I want him to get better. I'm not gonna say shit like, "Fight!" Pretty certain Rush is gonna fight. Also pretty sure anyone with cancer fights. That's not really fair to say, right? Like if someone dies of cancer they didn't fight? Or they didn't fight hard enough? Fuck that. And fuck cancer. It's horrible. Maybe we should say "How can I help you?" when we hear someone has cancer. Or something else. I'm open to suggestions. When my friend was dying of cancer the "fight" thing really bugged him. And it bugs me too. So Rush, I heard you have cancer. How can I help you?

The Iowa caucus is weird as shit. The more I learn about how it works, the more it sounds like a Monty Python skit. As I understand it, everyone goes in a room and stands with other people who like the same candidate...and if there aren't enough people in your group you can ditch your group (like a little bitch) and go to another group. Very much like a cow that wants to be popular. Or you can go home. Just say fuck-you-lazy-ass-people-who-don't-want-to stand-with-me I'm leaving. Cause you can do that in real life. If shit isn't going your way? Leave! That's a valuable life lesson.

Bernie is gonna get screwed by the DNC...again. I made a video about this but here's a question you may wanna ask: Why is that dude so popular? Better yet, why is socialism so popular? I have theories but it's a very good question to ask yourself. Would love to hear your thoughts BTW.

I liked Shakira's halftime show better than J-Lo's. It just felt more honest. Now don't get it twisted. J-Lo is still looking good and she was fine. However, Shakira brought the heat! Shakira just seems like she's more of a natural. She'd be doing a show like that just cause it made her happy.

Happy is contagious. I wanna catch happy. I don't want catch the coronavirus but for sure want to catch me some happy!

P.S. I want Hunter Biden to be investigated. That dude dodged a shit storm when the Senate agreed to not call witnesses. It would appear there are some serious shenanigans going on in Biden Family and I want to know more.

Diet Ginger Ale is damned tasty. It's my new fav soda.

Running outta steam a bit so I'll wrap it up. Boobs. Boobs are fantastic. Side boob tattoos can be great too. Just don't go too crazy. Ya know what? I take that back. You do whatever you want! If you got the boobs? You do whatever the hell you want with em'! Boom!

-- The Mgmt

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