Politically Correct Bedrooms? Your Master Bed and Bath Are Double-Plus-Ungood.

Kim Dixon

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You can't make this crap up but some Houston realtors did. In describing that large bed and bath in the home you are trying to sell, Houston realtors will be referring to it as "primary" instead of "master." According to the Chronicle:

Tiffany Curry, a Houston real estate broker who recently became the first African-American owner of a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices franchise, supports the change. "'Master' represents a stigma and place in time that we need to move forward from. As a progressive, diverse city, Houston should be reflective of its citizenship," said Curry, a past National Association of Realtors board member. Some builders have already dropped the term. David Weekley Homes, for example, calls a home's primary bedroom an "owner's retreat."

Another casualty of 2020 newspeak. Sorry dudes - you will now be referred to as the "primary" of your home.

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


HA! Double plus ungood... killed me!