People We Like: Audra LaRay! [PHOTOS]

Smart, sexy, talented artist AND politically active? Doesn't exist? Meet Audra LaRay!

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I bumped into Audra LaRay at a fund raiser in Florida recently. Let's just say I was impressed. Super talented artist, way smart and not afraid to be vocal about her politics. What the what!? She's a unicorn! HA!

Actually she's Ms. Deplorable (see photo below). Long story short, she's the type of person that the left says doesn't exist. Well, she does.

And what's more, we have the pics to prove it. Someone needs to celebrate this level of awesomeness. The Loftus Party is more than happy to be that someone!

Do YOU know someone who's just crushing it on multiple levels? Let us know and maybe we can feature them too! Hit us up in the comments below!

We're cool like that

-- The MGMT

Great pic! Don't know who took it, but they have talent!

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