Not All Skinny-Dipping Is Created Equal. These Shots Are Amazing! [PHOTOS]

Kristy Jessica is taking underwater modeling to a whole new level of sexy goodness! :)

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There is something almost hypnotic about underwater photography. Maybe it's the "otherworldly" nature of it. Or the sense of zero gravity, truly holding a moment in time. Everything seems frozen without being cold. In other words? We think it's cool as fuck.

So that's the starting point. Then you add in a beautiful model like Kristy Jessica? Ka-Blam!! We love these pics! And we want more.

All we ask is that Kristy keeps being safe on her underwater shoots and doesn't let some sea creature mess up the awesome vibe.

Here's to skinny dipping. Here's to mermaids. Here's to underwater models and the art that they make!

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