Myla Dalbesio Rocks Nothing but a Tutu and Looks Amazing! [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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In 2018, Myla Dalbesio did a photoshoot for SI and they had her wear a tutu. Not exactly beach attire but who cares? Not me. It looked great! Great job everyone. And a big shout out to whoever had the idea for the tutu.

I've been a champion of the tutu for a long time. Not joking. It's an amazing thing, the tutu. EVERYONE looks good in one. I can think of no other piece of clothing that comes close to what the tutu does.

Fat? Put on a tutu. You look adorable. Skinny? Put on a tutu. Sexy AF! Maybe you're a super scary looking dude...not anymore. You just made everyone smile because you're wearing a tutu!

It's incredible! Long live the tutu!

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