Kill It. With Fire.

The time honored Jurassic quote must be used here: "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."

First, are we really this lazy? This dude really can't just sit a comuter and mouse his cursor? Or use his remote to scroll his T.V. options? Give me a break. I fail to see the benefits of just sitting and thinking your way through a screen. As a society we don't move enough as it is.

Second, we have lost so much in personal interfaces to technology already. How often are you out and see someone buried in their phone rather than talking to those around them. I know I do it, mostly for work when I have to do something and I am away from my desk. Now we are basically going to sit and talk to ourselves? Silently?

Most important, can you even begin to imagine the draconian applications of this technology? ​How long before there are literally 'think tanks" where a web of people can think their thoughts at one another. Worse yet, would it be possible to hack your thoughts? The things you choose not to say out loud?

Good lord, we are already in a culture where "thought crime" can get you ostracized and even fired. Speech itself is policed and what does not conform the the PC culture as defined by the left is attacked. They even eat their own in this process.

Take Taylor Swift as an example. She was widely panned in the media for not using her celebrity to benefit Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine a world where her thoughts could be analyzed and she was actually a Trump voter?

We do not need this. Stop the madness now. Kill it with fire, acid or by electrocution before it goes any further.

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair


The concept of putting on a tin foil hat might soon not be considered a crazy thing to do.