Is Bare Knuckle Fighting Here to Stay?

Paul Hair

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Artem Lobov beat Jason Knight (pictured above) by unanimous decision in a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship match on April 6 in Biloxi, Miss. So is bare knuckle fighting here to stay or will it only prove to be a fad?

The Sporting News covered the Lobov-Knight fight. Check out that article for details of how the match went.

Meanwhile, check out the videos below from the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship YouTube channel. No footage from the latest matches yet, but plenty from previous matches—including full fights. (The first fight features a round 1 knockout, and the second one features a full fight between two women.)

But will this new sport last? Or better put: will the return of this old sport last?

A writer at Forbes has projected bare knuckle fighting could become huge. Meanwhile, a writer at The Telegraph described its return as a “bloodbath not fit for television audiences.”

On top of this, The Associated Press claims that, “The CEO of the World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation is accused of defrauding fighters and businesses during an event in Casper.”

In short, bare knuckle fighting has a lot of drama, positive and negative, surrounding it right now.

So it’s anyone guess as to what the long-term future of the sport is. But it does seem to be gaining attention.

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Paul Clayton
Paul Clayton

I see it as more evidence of our decline as a civililization. I prefer traditional boxing w gloves, rules, etc. Watching people beat each other savagely is not something I want to grow fond of, to make a part of my life. I watched a couple MMA fights with my son. He enjoys it, but I just can't relax and get into it. Getting up in years may have something to do with it. Anyway, what's next? Gladiators? "They shoot horses, don't they' type of dance contests?