I'm Gonna Make You A Sammich

Loftus Party

For National Sandwich Day, I'm gonna make you a sandwich, even though I know the concept of a woman making sandwiches is detestable. I've seen the patriarchal memes which are supposed to belittle me. However, I'm a "basic" bitch housewife who loves to make the men in her life a good sandwich.

My son prefers a crustless peanut butter and honey on wheat. My husband prefers another creation, one that I'll share with you. It looks quite a bit like this.

I stole the idea from my favorite hometown restaurant, The Midnight Rooster. They call it the Valley Girl sandwich and it's fantastic. The first rule is to use Focaccia bread and generously spread with sun-dried tomato mayonnaise. Then layer with sliced herb-roasted turkey, bean sprouts, lettuce, and avocado. It's delicious with the illusion of health - don't skimp on the mayo.

At first my husband was skeptical. The sprouts make the sandwich look a little frou-frou, but if you just close your eyes and take a bite, you'll thank me.