How to Prepare Bacon Like a Lady [VIDEO]

“It is very important for a woman to know how to cook.”

Martina Markota posted a video on Aug. 8 showing how to be a lady who makes “the best bacon ever.”

Markota first demonstrates how she prepares bacon. After that she shows her way of preparing a BLT sandwich. As she says in the caption for the video, It’s “one of my recipes for the best bacon ever. [Y]ou can use it for many things but [I] figured my first cooking video [I’]d make a sandwich.”

The bacon and BLT look great. But there’s more to watch and listen to than just the food preparation demonstration.

One of the things that pops out of the video is the first sentence she says without apology or hesitation: “It is very important for a woman to know how to cook.”

The last post I published here at The Loftus Party (which featured a separate Markota video) talked about how it’s time for reciprocity against the trend of progressives rebooting old stories to fit their agenda. In other words, it’s time for action instead of just complaints.

In a way, Markota’s new video fits in with this idea. Progressives have attacked every tradition and cultural norm of old America for decades. And there has been a lot of caterwauling about it. That’s fine and dandy. But fighting back—acting instead of reacting—is even better. And engaging culture in a positive way is one of the best courses of action.

So take some time to watch Markota’s unreservedly feminine video on how to prepare bacon and a BLT sandwich. It’s just under five and a half minutes long and goes by rather quickly.