How This Site Works. Read This.

Michael Loftus

-- Support The Loftus Party via our Patreon account! -- is unique. Or weird. However you want to look at it. I like unique myself, but it's worth explaining.

Yes, it's very much traditional in the sense that there is a front page that features stories we (the management) find interesting. Politics, pop culture, geeky stuff, sexy pics.... Plus there are the regulars: videos, podcasts and some other stuff. That's pretty standard.

Here's the cool part: You can post stuff too! Just create an account. Once we verify you're not a secret Russian agent death robot, you're good to go! You can post about almost anything. If I have to explain what NOT to post? Chances are you're a dick anyway. HA! Be cool.

We want to build a community. Music, art, comedy, politics, gaming, relationships, sex stuff, nightlife--ALL of it!

We'll have comments on and we can shout to the rooftops without big brother breathing down our necks. We don't have a Target Demo or any of that shit. This is 100% organic.

Now when you first start to post, your stories will show up on the right side column. After a while, they may get moved to front page. Let's see where this goes.

There are already some really awesome people putting up cool shit! It's super eclectic and I dig it! Everything from Mongolian heavy metal, sex surveys, original books & authors, to political commentary and cucumber sandwiches.

How fucking awesome is THAT?!

So we know it looks wacky and weird, but we dig it! And you are invited.

And yes. We're on Patreon. Hahaha!

--The Mgmt

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