Hot Dog Ice Cream? Would You Try It?

Kim Dixon

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First French's hit us with mustard ice cream to celebrate National Mustard Day. Now Oscar Mayer has to take it to a new level with an ice cream sandwich that combines spicy Dijon mustard gelato, sweet cream, and candied hot dog bits, topped with a cookie bun.

According to Bridget Hallinan, who shared her hot dog ice cream sandwich tasting in Food and Wine:

At first bite, the Dijon mustard side of the ice cream sandwich is strong and concentrated—much spicier than the French’s ice cream, without the sweetness. For those partial to Dijon on their sandwiches, it's definitely worth a try. As for the hot dog ice cream? It’s lightly sweet, punctuated by smokiness and savory notes from the candied Oscar Mayer pieces. It was unlike anything we’d ever tried before, and we loved the little candied hot dog pieces. Both flavors married well with the cookie “bun,” which had pleasant lemony undertones.

However, Hallinan admits she probably couldn't eat a whole sandwich. Evidently, the sweet cream with candied hot dog bits and the cookie work much better than the mustard gelato. Sweet and savory can work perfectly - try adding crumbled bacon to your next batch of chocolate chip cookies to test this theory.

But will the concept of mustard and hot dog ice cream pass the gag test?

I think the majority might agree and this will all "boil" (get it?) down to a hot dog marketing gimmick . . . that or Oscar Mayer's demon spawn of summer 2019. In this case, even Mikey wouldn't try it.

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


I legit thought this was a joke! It's real?! Holy crap! Now I wanna try one just to see! HA!