Have a great song? Then don't make a crappy video like Lambchop did

When a band ruins a great song with lousy visuals, its frustrating as all hell!

Never watch the video. That's my new rule.

Just like you, I'm a music fan. I jump around from genre to genre. The idea of only being able to enjoy one style of music is completely jacked up. That's part of the appeal of Spotify. They suggest new music to me based on the stuff I already listen to. Sure, there's lots of misses, but there's also plenty of hits! There is so much fantastic new music out right now, it's mind boggling. The internet has saved the day. Indy bands can make great stuff. They don't have to be glamorous pop stars like in the days of MTV. They can just create. And that is awesome. So why ruin a song with a shitty video?

We're still recovering from the damage that MTV caused. If a great singer/songwriter wasn't hot? Their music had no chance to make the rotation. Tons of music makers just vanished. Banished to the internet. Well, MTV doesn't play music videos anymore (Thank God) and bands only make videos IF they want to. The choice is theirs. Which brings me to "Up with people" by Lambchop.

This is one of those songs that jumped out to me. I couldn't hit "like" on it fast enough. I just really dug it. The melody, the music, the vocals, ALL of it. It's a sweet jam. Then, like an idiot, I went to YouTube to see if there was a video. Sadly, there was. Turns out, the dudes from Lambchop wanted Dick Nixon to sing to me from behind a podium. That's a visual I just don't need in my life. I don't care what your politics are, the idea of Richard Nixon doing a bad lip-sync is highly disturbing. Some things you just never want to see. I don't know who thought this was good idea. Maybe Lambchop is the most politically charged band in the history of mankind. Maybe I'm supposed to be learning something. I don't know. But if they are trying to be super political, could you please try to hide it? Just a smidge? I'd rather not be smacked upside the head with your "edgy" Dick Nixon was a bad guy take. It's boring and its been done to death.

The song "Up with People" was released seven years ago, and as I write this, the video only has 112,000 views. Normally I'd feel bad for the band. Not this time. Take the video down and let people enjoy the music. Just the music. It's okay.