Happy International Dog Day! Who's Your Best Friend?

Kim Dixon

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Every day is a celebration of something--sometimes multiple somethings. To stay in the cultural know, bookmark the Days of the Year calendar.

Today, August 26th, celebrates many things: Dog Day, Women's Equality Day, Webmistress Day and Cherry Popsicle Day. Of the choices, admit it, celebrating International Dog Day is more fun. Unless you simply detest dogs, you can join in the celebration. Even the cat people are acknowledging the day in a roundabout way.

Meet Beau the Boykin Spaniel. He lounges where he wants.

A member of the hunting dog breeds, Beau comes in at number one:

A close relative of (or rather a mixture of) an American Water Spaniels, Pointers and Retrievers, Boykin Spaniel is a breed that has originated in South Carolina back in the beginning of 20th century. These rare best hunting dogs are especially loved by serious hunters and have gathered some decent (but not highest) rankings on the hunting dogs charts across multiple dog hunting online resources.

We selected this breed seven years ago because it ranked number one in being friendly to other dog breeds and young children, a fact proven true by experience. The dirty little secret most don't know about this breed is the susceptibility for severe ear infections. Unfortunately Beau has developed multiple issues also being allergic to grass and fire ants. Monthly allergy injections make seasonal issues bearable for him and he pretty much lives the charmed life chasing backyard critters.

Now meet Jackie the half-breed. Highly intelligent and stinking cute, she rules the household with her hijinks.

Honestly, we don't know exactly where Jackie fits in the breed world. She was abandoned at 6 weeks by her original owner who claimed she was a sickly Maltese. In actuality, nothing was wrong with this cute pup and we adopted her as our son's 8th birthday present for $100. He had been begging for a male Jack Russell, but with one look at the itty bitty white fluff ball, he was charmed, fell in love and called her Jackie.

She's more like a Benji dog, very attentive to the humans she rules and constantly stealing our things and hiding them in her crate. Put it this way, I'm on my tenth set of wool dryer balls and all of our shoes are permanently teeth marked.

So on today, shout your canine celebration on social media or simply with a special walk in the neighborhood, and if those cat people rain on the parade . . .

. . . ignore them.

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