Every Covid-19 Commercial Is the Same [VIDEO]

Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same
Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same

Corporate Covid-19 response videos are eerily similar. *Cue somber piano music* When a company or brand releases a Coronavirus Response ad, they might tell y...

Michael Loftus

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Check that out. Didn't really care for that. Now granted it's gotta be tough for big companies to advertise in the time of the Woo-han. But here's what I find super disturbing: They test this kind of thing. They aren't just magically doing the same thing. They have looked at data. And the data says this works.

It's a recipe. Makes you wonder what other recipes they have ready to go. Right? Here's the "feel good" recipe. Here's the "you should be concerned" recipe. If we can imagine it, you gotta think there's a recipe. Yikes! -- The Mgmt

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