Elizabeth Grullon—Liquid Death Spokeswoman [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

Paul Hair

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On Jan. 21, Liquid Death published an ad for its canned water on YouTube. Actress Elizabeth Grullon serves as the spokeswoman. And after you view the unique commercial, check out some of the photos of Grullon that The Loftus Party curated from her Instagram account.

The ad is labeled as “Liquid Death – Banned Super Bowl Commercial.” Sure. Whatever. But it’s creative enough, as is its hashtag of #MurderYourThirst.

One of the commenters at YouTube wrote, “Screw the water….I wanna know who that actress is!” The Liquid Death account responded with, “The great Elizabeth Grullon.”

So we tracked down Grullon’s Instagram account where we verified her beliefs and reviewed her photos. We posted a few of the best ones right here. Have a look.

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