Dancing IN the Stars with Indoor Skydiving [VIDEO]

Paul Hair

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a post called “Indoor Skydancing and How to Carry Oneself in Flight.” It was, as the title suggests, about indoor skydancing. Read it and watch the videos at that link to find out more.

Then take a look at two of the latest videos I’ve found of indoor skydiving; the one at the top from November, and the one below from this month.

If you go to the YouTube channel where I found both of these videos, it looks like there is at least some push to turn indoor skydiving into an Olympic sport. Don’t know if that will ever occur, but I still enjoy watching it.

And if these videos here interest you, the aforementioned YouTube channel has full-length competitions of indoor skydiving.


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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


I've actually been to an ifly in LA. It was an absolute blast! Can't recommend it enough. You legit get the sensation of flying. And yes.. I was WAAAAY better than the people in the video. HA! (I have zero proof to back up my claim)