Coronavirus Help & Resource List

Michael Loftus

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The idea is to help one another out. We all have information. We're all seeing different businesses that need our support. And many ways that WE can help out. So let's create a list. You can just post a link or a note in the comment section and everyday we'll move it in to the main body of the post.

If there's a restaurant that needs some more business? Post it. Where can you donate blood? Any way we can do something to help? Let's put it up. Then we can let people know where to focus our efforts. We can all do something. Right? Right! -- The Mgmt

How To Support Local Restaurants & Keep The Front Lines Fueled? FLAG front line appreciation group

Where can I help the hungry?

Where can you donate blood?

Let's buy farm fresh stuff from these guys!

How to sew face masks at home:

Stimulus Checks, see if you're eligible.

Info For Covid 19 Testing.

We're updating all the time. Please add your ideas/links in the comments below. We'll move 'em up into the post! Thanks!

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair


Link to Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse, which is working in New York and Italy. Link provides info on what SP is doing, and how Christians can volunteer to help. (In this case, SP needs Christian medical professionals.) I previously did volunteer work with SP for disaster relief. Volunteers are required to be Christian; they sign a statement of faith and they participate in daily devotionals and prayers. No such requirements for those receiving the care SP provides. SP will care for anyone sent their way regardless of beliefs and so forth.