Cool Valentine Card Ideas for Grown Ups

Lisa Tate

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Valentine's Day is Friday, and let's face it, many of us miss the days when on Valentine's we were given the school task of decorating a bag or box with glitter and paper hearts, and then we spent the last hour of the day walking around the classroom dropping those cheap little Valentine's in everyone's box. Sometimes, there were also cupcakes.

Good times.

If you follow social media or purchase the works of independent creators, those little cheap Valentine's ideas have gotten a lot cooler, and they aren't just for children.

Here are three ideas of nifty cards I've run across over the past week that you can purchase or print out:

A Very 80s Valentine's Day

M. Lineham Art has created several sets of 80s inspired Valentine's from classic 80s movies to new wave icons to some 80s style Stranger Things cards. They sell for about $14 a set, but they put out such a great retro vibe, you'll want to frame them in your nearest arcade or diner.


Yes, you can find anything on the internet, and one independent Michigan brewery, Bell's Brewery, has created a printable sheet of beer-centric Valentine's cards. Yes, these are essentially little paper advertisements for their product, but they look great.

Realist Valentine's

There are plenty of printable fun idea from the site The Spruce Crafts, but these "realist" cards for husbands have some lovingly true sentiments including;

• "I'm so glad you are the father of my children because I need a break. I'll be in the tub."

• "I love you so much that I'm willing to let you think you were right."


• "There is no one else I'd rather lay in bed with while we both look at our phones."

Bonus: Amazon Prime Shows

If you scroll down enough on Amazon's Prime Video feed, you'll find them promoting a couple of their favorite series and films with Valentine's style images by artist Crystal Ro. If you're into The Boys, Midsommer, or Fleabag, these are good options for some little printable cards to hang off a bouquet of roses or a tactical knife set.

So, this Valentine's Day, grab your scissors and glue, and enjoy the simple pleasures of our childhood, with a little beer, sarcasm, gore, and a little "Tainted Love."

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