Celebrate Tolkien Reading Day with Jessica Nigri! She's One Hot Elf! [PHOTOS]

Tolkien reinvented elves. Cosplayer Jessica Nigri takes it to a whole new level!

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We love Tolkien and technically it IS Tolkien Reading Day. However, we also know that nothing gets people more excited to read a book than a picture of a smoking hot elf. (Maybe we made that up. Let's not get bogged down in details.)

And it's gonna be hard to find a better elf Cosplayer than Jessica Nigri! If you don't follow her yet on Instagram, you might want to start. Frodo lives!!

(After you scroll through these, you'll also want to read Lord of The Rings. It IS a masterpiece. And NO, watching the movies does NOT count.)

  • The MGMT

Yes, we know it's Mononoke. But it's cool af.

Shut up. It counts...kinda.

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