Bumblebees & Honeybees Love Clover & Prickly Pears [PHOTO ESSAY]

© Paul Hair, 2020.

Paul Hair

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Not much of an intro needed for this post folks. Here are some photos I recently took of bumblebees and honeybees going after clover and the bright, yellow flowers of the prickly pear cactus.

Some of the up close and personal ones are really keen! Or perhaps even nifty! Enjoy!

View clover as a lawn nuisance? I don’t. Bees love it.© Paul Hair, 2020.

© Paul Hair, 2020.

© Paul Hair, 2020.


Bumblebees love clover, but they go crazy over the flowers of prickly pear cactuses too.© Paul Hair, 2020.

Honeybees also like the prickly pear cactus.© Paul Hair, 2020.

A closer look at a honeybee covered in pollen.© Paul Hair, 2020.

Finally, an in-flight shot of a honeybee.© Paul Hair, 2020.

All photos © Paul Hair, 2020.

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