A Buzz For Chocolate Lovers

Want a little buzz with your chocolate? Here are some amazing drink concoctions that you can give a whirl.

If you are looking for a drink to cap off a meal and want something with a different buzz from the usual cup of joe, I've got a few suggestions.

The first time I really dove into the whole chocolate alcoholic beverage idea, was at The Chocolate Bar in Cleveland Ohio. I was there for a conference and decided to dive in head first. Apparently the idea is catching on, because soon you will be able to sample their amazing concoctions and deserts along with some great food in metros across the country. Happy to see on the website Atlanta is coming soon.

My specific experience was with their martini's. It is the restaurant's specialty drink and they make several of the chocolate variety. My personal favorite? Chocolate Salted Caramel. It tasted just like the kind you get in a box for Valentine's day, but with a punch. The special touches make it worth the price and may favorite is the rolled chocolate straw. Yes folks, you can actually stir and sip your chocolate drink through a chocolate straw. Then you can eat it. Fantastic.

If The Chocolate Bar is opening near you, I strongly suggest a trip. Go with an empty belly and a little time on your hands and enjoy. And take an Uber. You are going to want to sample more than one of their amazing concoctions and we want you to be safe.

If not, here is a recipe you can try at home. But you may be missing the chocolate straw.

The next time I got my dessert fix in was at my favorite local watering hole. Sidelines is a Northwest suburban Atlanta local chain that has some of the best food, nicest staff and best set of regulars you could ask for. I highly recommend the blackened chicken nachos with some SEC football on any given fall Saturday.

I was sitting at the bar when one of the bartenders, Sylvia was mixing a drink. Watching her I had to ask, "What in the world is that?". She had a bit left in the shaker and put it in a small glass. She told me it was a Toasted Coconut Almond. I kid you not it tastes just like an Almond Joy. With a twist of course.

While you may not be able to make it to my neck of the woods, you can also try this recipe at home. One big difference, Sylvia also added some coconut rum. And the use of heavy cream is very important.

Your sweet tooth can be successfully incorporated into your bar tab. These are some of my favorites. Tell us about your in the comments!