44 Lines about 22 Random Thoughts

Lisa Tate

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Like the social media world, my mind sometimes ping-pongs around to different thoughts, opinions, worries, and hopes. And as a writer I would love to build upon most of these to form stories and essays.

However, not every thought is worthy of a full article. I'll share with you a clearing house of some of the thoughts, mostly about entertainment, going on in the deep recesses of my mind, as well as some genuine questions and ideas tossed in. (RELATED: The Evolution of Animation through Music Videos)

  • I don't care if you believe in mask wearing or not...both arguments make some valid points. I don't jump into it...BUT...just quit showing me pictures of you in one...when you're inside your own home or car...and alone.
  • This is morbid, but I always think if Kurt Cobain never killed himself, we night not have the incredibly prolific band Foo Fighters, who are really a better band than Nirvana. This is a music hill I will die on.
  • Be a fan of a show, an album, a movie, or a character. Don't be a "fan" of another person. Humans aren't demigods.
  • Be critical of opinion and policies with which you don't agree, but don't hate the people who hold them. The people who have these ideas might have their reason, right or wrong. Humans can act like monsters sometimes but most of them aren't.
  • I think Mel Brooks did the best job ever explaining theatre in one line: "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die."
  • Who else is excited about Neil Gaiman's Sandman becoming a series? Are they bringing in John Constantine, and is Matt Ryan playing him or a new guy?
  • Seriously, have we really become the "I hope you die if your politics are different than mine" culture? What the hell is wrong with us?
  • Kids need to be outside at least once every day to run, play, get fresh air, get dirty and bruise the occasional knee. Wrapping them in proverbial "bubble wraps" of "virtual learning and experiences" isn't healthy.​
  • I hear they are trying to put sex and nudity in the new "Lord of The Rings" series. No one wants to see this in a Tolkien property. Don't mix him up with George R. R. Martin.
  • Yes, I get excited when my birthday, hometown, or favorite book is mentioned in a movie. You do too, so don't judge me.
  • I don't know who needs to see this but here's how Henry Cavill will look in Season 2 of The Witcher.... Oh wait...I needed to see this...sorry...carry on....

  • ​I know every one wants to think of 2020 as a crappy year, but I hope to think of it as the year of the successful Space X launch. Don't forget astronauts "Bob and Doug" and their little sparkly dinosaur mascot.
  • I may be alone in this but it doesn't bother me that this year's big movie releases are getting pushed back to 2021 or beyond. I'm not scared of going to a theatre, I just have too much older stuff to catch up on and some of these big franchises could use a good, long rest.
  • I don't care who plays the next James Bond. That is, as long as it's an actual, you know, man.
  • It blows my mind that the same band who did that irritating song "Boys & Girls" also did one of the most motivating songs from the 1990s, "Song 2." That song is so driving, I wish I was on a motorcycle every time I hear it.
  • One other mask thought: I keep reading about television directors talking about writing "the COVID world" into upcoming seasons. This is a bad, bad, bad idea. Let us have some escape.
  • Don't you find it annoying if you're reading smutty fan fiction and there are syntax errors, bad grammar, and typos? Asking for a friend.
  • ​So, is there there going to be a Moon Knight movie or series? I haven't seen anything about it in a long time, and I already have my popcorn ready for when it airs....
  • I hate the idea of fantasy sports. Not because I don't like sports. I do. I just can't divide my team loyalties for a few extra points. No, I will never choose Pittsburgh's defense. I don't care how good they are. Is that so hard to understand, Rick?
  • Are we running out of names for hurricanes and tropical storms, yet? I have some suggestions: Hurricane Stimpy. Hurricane Cartman. Hurricane Pubert. Just for starters.​
  • I think laughter and humor is one of God's greatest gifts to us, whether it is dark, rude, witty, dry, inappropriate, or lily white. We all need to laugh more. Every. One. Of. Us.
  • ​Yes, I got this title from the song "88 Lines about 44 Women" by The Nails, because it drills in your brain and hangs out awhile when you hear it. Since it is a catchy, very un-PC earworm I'm choosing it to end this list. Sing along, now:

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