We Found an Online Guitar School. 100% Awesome & 100% Free!

Michael Loftus

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We HAD to turn you on to this one. An online guitar school where the lessons are taught by actual rock stars and it's free! Shut the front door! Lock up your wives!

This is what it's all about. You wanna play guitar, right? Someone you know wants to play. And they want to SHRED! This is it.

Synyster Gates School is all that and a bag of Keith Richards guitar picks.

Here's the inside scoop: Not only are lessons taught by Synyster, you get the one and only Brian Haner's instruction. My boy Brian is an insanely accomplished musician. He's been a giant part of the LA music scene for years! Dude knows his shit! And these crazy cats have started this teaching endeavor because they're cool like that.

Yes. It's free. You can learn to play for free.

Yes. There's a store. You are allowed to buy stuff.

See how it works? Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

So if you or someone you know wants to learn guitar? Don't say we never gave you the heads up.

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