Cross country motorcyle rides! Hockey battles for the Stanley Cup! What could be more manly and tough?

Well, having a huge heart and charitable nature on top of all these things, for one.

With that in mind, I wanted to share a couple of instances I recently ran across, where rough and rowdy guys are doing some wonderful things for those others.

Hockey Players Show Love for Humboldt

Whether or not you follow hockey, you might have heard about the crash this month that killed 16 of the 29 people, including youth, on board a bus carrying a Canadian junior hockey team from the town of Humboldt to playoff games. As a community of around 6,000, this is a devastating loss for Humboldt.

To show their support and love for these players, their families, and the entire town effected by this tragedy, members of the professional hockey community, and sports fans have been using the #PutYourSticksOut or #SticksOutForHumboldt hashtag accompanying photos of their hockey sticks left on porches or in other places as a memorial salute.

The Anaheim Ducks took it a step further by not only leaving their hockey sticks out in front of the Wild Wing statue at their rink, but encouraging others to do the same. They plann on donating all the sticks left by others to The Rinks hockey league for youth in financial need. Also, the sticks donated by the players themselves were auctioned off to benefit the victims of the Humboldt tragedy.

The Ducks aren’t the only team to give financial support, as teams, players and alumni from the Penguins, Flames, Maple Leafs and Blackhawks made generous donations to the GoFundMe campaign for the team.

Anyone still wanting to give can do so through the fund.

RikisRide18 for Stop Soldier Suicide

Since 2014, metal and motorcycle enthusiast Riki Rachtman, who I best remember from his hosting MTV’s Headbangers Ball, has ridden his motorcycle for charitable causes.This year, he hopes to cover 18,000 miles around the country to raise awareness and funds for Stop Soldier Suicide. He plans to make several stops along the way, with additional coordinating events and appearances.

His past rides have been successful. His RikisRide17 raised at least $20,000 a charity called Claire’s Place that helps families dealing with Cystic Fibrosis. It was also during that ride, thanks to the Bikers Against Soldier Suicide (B.A.S.S.) efforts hosted by the Second Brigade Motorcycle Club, he became aware of the need to help and support those who fought for our country who are still emotionally struggling with the sacrifice.

According to the stats given on Rachtman’s page, 22 veterans commit suicide every day. His latest ride wants people to be aware of this unacceptable number and do what they can to bring it down to zero.

Those want to give, can visit or learn more at

If you’re feeling down on the human condition or needing a way to help others this week, I highly recommended giving these tough guys’ causes a second look, and as always, give what you can, when you can.


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