Superheroes Fight Childhood Obesity in this Crowdfunding Campaign

Paul Hair

Dr. Mark Huffman is an anesthesiologist (big thanks to autocorrect for helping me to spell that) in Texas. And when he’s not helping to save lives he does many other things, including drawing. He’s now using his artistic talents in a crowdfunding campaign for superhero trading cards that will help steer kids away from childhood obesity.

“The majority of American medical costs are due to chronic disease predicated upon modifiable patient behavior,” Mark writes on the GoFundMe page for the campaign. “In other words, our habits are making us sick, and perhaps the most important, and most challenging to address, are those factoring into childhood obesity.”

But he sees a unique way in which he can help change that—through superhero trading cards that teach kids about the importance of forming healthy habits early in life.

“Superheroes are fit, active, have a positive connotation, and are the ideal vehicle for messaging created to help kids develop healthy dietary and exercise behavior from childhood,” Mark told me. “Doctors treat disease, but we simply don’t have good tools to address the behavior that so often causes them; we hope to create such a tool with these.”

He’s doing all the pencil illustrations for the cards. Nicolas Chapuis is helping him by providing the inks and colors.

And if you’re wondering how the money contributed to the campaign will be spent, Mark says on his GoFundMe page that “Every cent given will go to the creation and production of these cards, which will then go to points of distribution, like pediatricians’ offices, where they can do the most good.”

So check out Dr. Mark Huffman’s crowdfunding page. And spread the word about this unique opportunity to fight childhood obesity through superhero trading cards.


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