‘Shining Tomorrow’ Novel Mashes Up Superhero, Mecha, & Alternate History Genres!

Paul Hair

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Author Rawle Nyanzi plans for Shining Tomorrow to be the first book in a series of four. He’s on target to publish the novel (a mash up of the superhero, mecha, and alternate history genres) in May. But he also wants to make it available as an audiobook. Here’s more about the novel, and more about how you can help make the audiobook a reality.

Full Disclosure: Both Nyanzi and the author of this post are members of the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance.

Nyanzi recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for the audiobook version of Shining Tomorrow, and he provides the general plot of the book.

One civic-minded high school girl, one giant robot, one great battle! Shining Tomorrow is a superhero novel that combines alternate history with superhero action and teen drama. Join Irma as she goes toe-to-toe with the sinister private military company Shadow Heart to rescue her friend Pixie.

Alternate history comes into play because:

The world of Shining Tomorrow is a world where the Central Powers claimed victory in World War I, resulting in a 21st century where Japan and Germany are superpowers and the United States—now called the North American Federation—has fallen under Japanese rule.

He also explains why he’s trying to fund an audiobook in addition to the forthcoming eBook and paperback versions.

But everyone and their dog has an e-book on Amazon. Indeed, this one will be released in May of this year.

What they don’t have are audiobooks, and that’s what this crowdfund is for. Voice teacher and concert harpist Moira Greyland...will lend her talents to this project and truly make it special.

Nyanzi has set a $1,000 goal for the campaign. So what happens if he doesn’t hit that?

I can only deliver the goods if the campaign is fully funded. If it’s not funded, don’t worry! You lose no money if the campaign falls short of its goal, and both the e-book and the print versions will release on Amazon as scheduled.

So does a novel that mixes the superhero, mecha, and alternate history genres into one story sound like something that interests you? Then be prepared for the release of Shining Tomorrow in May!

And if you want an audiobook version too, head on over to Rawle Nyanzi’s Indiegogo campaign page and help him reach his funding goal!

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