Are you wondering what the hell is really going on in the Ukraine and elsewhere. Well, The Loftus Party's very own "Liberty Gypsy" has got the real truth for you right here: And it is so good, Glenn Beck sent her a complimentary Tweet →

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It all boils down to the fact that he is an outsider and doesn't tow their status quo. They are ao afraid he is going to tear down the iron curtain of their deep state. The holdovers are burrowed so deep he is going to be a yuge yuge job and Trump will barely scratch the surface in 8 years. While I dont discount what this person is saying. Obama let a lot of bad people get behind that curtain and cozied in with all the others from years prior. We have something worse than the cia buried behind the scenes and are bad actors from all directions and the state of the FBI is more than proof that they have operator's from within more than willing to destroy our wonderful to get what they want.

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