Got a note from a friend. It's well worth your consideration. What It Means to Be a Democrat In…


Got a note from a friend. It's well worth your consideration.

What It Means to Be a Democrat

In addition to their scams on “civil rights”, “climate change”, and the merits of socialism, Democrats and their media allies have succeeded in transforming civic discourse as follows:

  • Those who disagree with them now are no longer merely, “opponents" who are misguided, misinformed, or wrong. Now they are “enemies” as in, evil enemies. So anyone who disagrees with them or who exposes them must be guilty of one or more of these offenses: Racism, another of their most favored, “isms’, or they must be homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, etc., etc.

  • Therefore, if you want immigration law enforced, it’s because you hate immigrants. If you identify government excess and waste, you must hate poor people. If you favor an orderly healthcare system; you want those poor people, to die in the streets. If you want to secure elections through voter ID; you are in favor of, ”suppressing the black vote”. If you proudly defend your Country you area “white nationalists”, or a “white supremacist”.

  • If a Democrat president privately assure Russian leaders he will be , "more flexible”, after an election; he is practicing, "smart diplomacy". If a Republican president did the same thing, he would be accused of “collusion”, or “treason”.

  • Despite the chaos their policies have created in most large American cities, when conflicts occur, Democrats now blame the police first.

  • They also ignore both rising anti-Semitism, and prominent, Democrat office-holders, whose proposals would threaten Israel’s survival.

  • They also ignore the routine suppression of free speech on college campuses, and masked violent street mobs [Antifa] which claim to be opposing the fascism that they actually carry out.

  • Of course if you oppose Democrat initiatives to legalize gruesome, diabolical, "late-term” abortions, or even infanticide, you are against women’s, ”reproductive rights”.

Final thought . If asked to cite just two things that are responsible for the systematic demolition of the American polity, they would be these: The unionization of Federal workers as initiated by President. Kennedy’s Executive Order in Jan. 1962 The transformation of America’s immigration system through the fraudulently promoted, and utterly pernicious, Immigration Reform Act of 1965, as orchestrated by Robert and Edward Kennedy.

Just imagine if our beloved Country [and Miss Koepechne] had been spared from the curse of these Kennedys, these icons of the Democrat Party. Why didn’t they move to Hollywood, become movie solons, and do their endless whoring out there?


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