Get Paid For What?

A totally different kind of secret shopper.

So you have probably gotten e-mail solicitations to earn extra cash at home by becoming a Secret Shopper. You get instructed to go to a store's location and rate the experience of the display of a particular brand. Well, Secret Hopper just took this kind of money making opportunity to a whle new level.

What? What did I just read? This company will actually compensate you for visiting local breweries and rating the overall experience. According to their website:

"Secret Hopper is an idea created out of the love of two things: beer and the experience of sharing it. With the current beer revolution taking place, thousands of breweries are attempting to differentiate themselves in the market. While most breweries are making delicious beer, the consumer experience begins even before the first sip. Secret Hopper is not here to critique beer. Secret Hopper is here to maximize the experience surrounding it.
Secret Hopper wants to recreate and chronicle the experience of first walking into a brewery. What were the guests' eyes first drawn to? Did it smell like freshly brewed beers or freshly mopped floors? Did the staff greet customers with a smile? Did the staff suggest taking beer to go? Secret Hopper wants to record these experiences. Together the growing brewery and thirsty customer can unite to create the best possible brewery experience."

Secret Hopper consults with independent breweries who want to improve the overall customer experience by sending in "Secret Hoppers" to record what they see, hear, taste and smell when they walk into a brewery for the first time. They provide that information back to the brewery in order to help them identify things they can do to attract more customers and grow their business.

The best thing is Secret Hoppers get paid to do this. Their site has an application process where you need to submit writing samples and posts their Independant Contractor agreement for potential Hoppers to review. If accepted you may be the first to know about a new brewery in your area and make a little bank for sharing your opinion.

So if you love craft beer, have a knack for the written word and like being in the know, give it whirl! You can earn a little beer money!