Cool Gifts from What's Your Caliber! 'Tis the Season for Awesomeness!

Michael Loftus

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I'm now officially a money-clip guy. Yup. Pretty badass. The guys at What's Your Caliber hooked me up. I dig it most wholeheartedly. It's unique. It's cool. It's a money clip that has a piece of a recycled bullet on it!

This Montana-based company does more than money clips. They do all kinds of jewelry! They have cufflinks and earrings too! Holy shit! I'm thinking about ordering some earrings now. HA! Love it.

What's Your Caliber also does custom work. So if you have a specific caliber of bullet you wanna use? Send 'em an email and they'll try to make it happen. How cool is that? Fantastico!

So hit up the website and take a look. I'm sure you'll find something at What's Your Caliber for that wacky, freedom loving person in your life!

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