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Loftus Party regular listener mark Abney is asking for help for his nephew. Any contribution is appreciated. Let's save Caleb's sight! Here is the link to help.

Meet Caleb, he is my nephew from my wife's side of the family. Caleb is 4 years old and was born with many birth defects including a since corrected severe cleft lip, down's syndrome and premature cataracts (which is the purpose of this campaign, his cataracts can be seen in the photo as white areas). My wife's sister and husband are from the Philippines, they are very poor, have no medical insurance, and until now my wife and I have been sending the money needed for Caleb's medical care; however, my wife and I cannot help in this instance, and without corrective surgery Caleb will lose his eyesight. If you are reading this, you have what Caleb is at risk of losing....eyesight, and we are asking for your assistance in giving Caleb the surgery he so desperately needs. PLEASE HELP!


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