Best Way To Keep Gun Safe Dry!

Michael Loftus

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One of the things that get's us excited at The Loftus Party is supporting entrepreneurs with amazing products. Trump2020Pouches is definitely that and MORE. We're so stoked, it's stupid. Ha! I waited to say anything until I actually started using them and I've honestly been blow away!

Do you need to keep moisture out of your gun safe and away from your ammo? (Hint: You do. Rust on a gun is an expensive mistake.) This amazing product is just what you've been waiting for. You're gonna love it.

The Trump2020Pouch is made with 100% natural drying agents. ZERO harmful chemicals.


It NEVER needs refills or recharged. And it's got a clean fresh scent that's not overpowering.

Get rid of moisture and mildew EVERYWHERE! I have one in my vehicle, one in the bathroom and definitely one in my boys' closet. (Teenagers have zero clues about funky, sweaty shoes! LOL!)

Anywhere you want to eliminate moisture, Trump2020Pouches are the ideal solution. And check this out: a proceed from each purchase is gonna go to Trump reelection fund. So you're getting something you a need and helping protect America and the 2nd Amendment.

When you order, use code: 'MAGA"

That way when you buy 3 they'll give you a 4th one for FREE!

We wouldn't be pimping these if they weren't truly incredible. Why buy a product like Damp Rid when you can get an all natural, made in America, patriotic product? It's a no brainer!

Make sure to use code "MAGA" and they'll know you heard about it here and throw in a 4th pouch when you buy 3. My sales skills are probably lacking but I DO use these. They ARE amazing. Just saying.

-- The Mgmt

But here's the link to the site so you can get yours and read the testimonials. Do IT!

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