‘Appalling Stories 4: Even More Appalling Tales of Social Injustice’

Paul Hair

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Hello, everyone! TLP Editor Paul Hair here. I’ve got a brand new book out today—Appalling Stories 4! It’s a fiction anthology and I wrote one of the short stories in it.

My tale is called “The Chosen One,” and it follows Ernie Roth as he hires young adventurer Stafford Fielder to find a powerful, mythical device that has the potential to be deadlier than a nuclear weapon...that is, if the device even exists. It’s a race against time—and a sexy nemesis—as Ernie, Stafford, and their team fight and claw their way through an adventure that turns out unlike anything they ever expected!

And if that doesn’t excite you, you’ll also find tales of hilarious Hollywood degeneracy, disturbing dystopias, Green New Deals gone black, and much more!

Overall, I’d rate the anthology as R, with my story (and others) being PG or PG-13.

So if you like the work I’m doing with The Loftus Party, please purchase Appalling Stories 4! Available for Kindle and in paperback.

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