You Won’t Believe the Gillette-Branded Clothes These Women Wore in 2011 [PHOTOS]

Paul Hair

Photo sharing site Flickr hosts images of women wearing tight, shiny, blue bodysuits in the Netherlands in 2011 for a motorsports event. Gillette, the same company that recently launched a commercial in support of the War on Men, had its brand name stamped in large letters across the women’s buttocks. Photos of the women at this event are posted below.

Twitter user Deplora Boule posted a photo of the women in the blue bodysuits.

From there, I tracked down the Flickr account of user “8w6thgear.” His account has this photo and more. Based on the language he uses to describe the photos, and his “About” page, he appears to be the copyright holder of them. He captions the below images as follows:

2011 Easter Races Zandvoort: Gillette-Kruidvat girls

Scene at the 2011 Easter Races at Zandvoort: Gillette-Kruidvat grid girls show their Gillette sides on the podium.

The date of this photo is listed as April 25, 2011 on the Flickr page.

As you can see from the additional below photos, Gillette apparently wasn’t as invested in the War on Men in 2011 as it is today.

Header Image: Excerpt of photo from “8w6thgear’s” Flickr account.