Why #Kamala2020 Would Be Awful

Senator Kamala Harris goes on Ellen and gives insight into how she feels about those she disagrees with.

Senator Kamala Harris is taking a cue from her mentor and proponent Former President Barack Obama and is hitting the talk shows that pitch her softballs ahead of a potential run for President in 2020. Despite stating she decided to be a joyful warrior in 2018, here was her response to an interview question from Ellen.

While I think the tweet is a little hyperbolic, her comment is certainly indicative of everything wrong with our political system. In a world where we have Antifa saying it is okay to "punch a Nazi" (with a Nazi being anyone who disagrees with them), an avowed Bernie Sanders supporter shoots up a Republican baseball practice and people actually applauded when Senator Rand Paul was assaulted and seriously injured by his neighbor, Harris' "joke" just feeds the ugly rhetoric.

Imagine truly believing your own moral authority is such that you would prefer to dismiss political opponents by making them disappear. Their opinions are so unworthy of discussion that you would not even greet them with civility in an elevator. Welcome the the Progressive mindset. Hillary Clinton was the first to articulate that Republicans are her enemies. It seems others are no longer shy about agreeing with her in coarsest of terms.

Always remember, a Progressives idea of progress are some of the most illiberal ideas in the world. They believe you should be able to kill a baby in the womb until it passes through the magical birth canal and is sprinkled with fairy dust to be considered alive. They applaud abortion for any reason at any time paid for by insurance in the state of Oregon. This includes sex selection abortions which kill more female babies.

They believe in something called 'hate speech' and would love nothing more than using that cudgel to shut down opposing ideas. Ultimately they would like to confiscate your guns and limit the use of firearms for the police that protect and serve us. California and Illinois already have legislation on the table to further limit the use of force by police officers.

The movement is sincere in their belief that they let you keep your money. Your assets actually belong to the state and you may only retain them at the benevolence of your intellectual betters. Redistribution of wealth to create 'equality' is their ideal, but don't expect Bernie to give up one of his three homes. The rules only apply to we 'normals'. The end game to managed 'equality' just makes everyone's life equally shitty. See: Venezuela.

So #Kamala2020 is a horrible idea if you believe in the Bill of Rights as a limit on government. It will also make me drag everyone I know to the polls to pull the lever for Trump. I did not do that in 2016, but the idea of a President that is already to the left of Obama will make my choice for me.


Michael  Loftus
EditorMichael Loftus