Why I Am Voting for Trump in 2020

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I don’t like Trump. Even back in the eighties his Letterman appearances turned me off due to his arrogance and persona. I never was a fan of The Apprentice either. My disgust would return with each of his multiple attempts at the presidency. Every time, it appeared to be a vanity project but at least he would drop out when the situation got serious.

In the 2016 primaries, I watched Trump’s boorish and base insults at this opponents and the press with contempt. Here the Republicans had a great bench of candidates; Governor Scott Walker and Senator Ted Cruz in particular. But Trump was gaining traction by spouting populist stupidity much to the enjoyment of people who prefer a beer brawl to Mimosa brunch.

So when November rolled around, I couldn’t pull the lever for him. It was a moral issue. He is not a good person.

So why am I voting for him in 2020?

I still don’t like him. I still believe he’s in politics for himself. But there’s a number of reasons he should be re-elected to a second term.

The first is that he did what both Democrats and Republicans pay lip service to: protecting the American worker. Every election cycle, you hear that we’ll “get those jobs back.” But there is very little political will to do so. The free-trade conservative supports bringing consumer goods to market at the cheapest possible price and tends to favor business. There is a legitimate and well worn argument to be made that in this global service economy that cheap goods benefits us all. That, however, doesn't alter the reality that it has hurt the American manufacturing base.

The Democrats are worse in this regard because they actually claim to represent the working man. But when push comes to shove Obama conceded that “the jobs are not coming back.”

Secondly, since Trump played for the Republican vote, he is fulfilling the Republican agenda. Who really cares if he is feeding his ego, doesn't believe a word of it or is playing to populism? He is doing the job. Conservative court appointments and a demonstrated commitment in putting American interests first have proven Trump’s worth.

In decades past, the media has always sided against Republicans. Even calm years not playing to the Left’s wedge issues (like the equal pay for women theatrics which pops up every four years) have earned the Republicans the worst leftist epithets they can recite: bigot, racist, homophobe, misogynist, etc.

Now look at the current state of the media. Outright lies and horrible spin on the 24 hour news cycles. Look, if Trump is so bad, would the media’s pundits need to make things up? The press has treated all Republicans badly since I could remember. So when crude Trump, in populist tradition, played to some of America’s base behavior, all stops were pulled out.

It has gotten to the point where when I read anything, from a second-rate Twitter pundit to someone on the New York Times’ editorial board, I know there is a good chance it was a stretch of the truth if not an outright lie delivered by a “source,” “expert” or “some who say.”

Since the 2016 election, the Democrats with the full, voluntary cooperation of the press have fanned the hysteria, trying to convince you even the most minor Republican policy “literally kills millions.”

The Democrats have proven they can go lower. Representative Nancy Pelosi pulled a maneuver on the emergency stimulus package halting its passage Monday morning. The spectacle continues with Khrushchev-level theatrics and, amusingly, rhetoric.

It won’t soon be forgotten how the Democrats invoked a scorched earth strategy to block Kavanaugh. They have proven to be every bit as dishonest and craven and immoral as they claim Trump to be. I am not convinced that most politicians are any better than Trump, in fact. Recently exposed nepotistic relationship with foreign interests are likely the norm which makes pinning it on Trump especially galling and hypocritical. I would guess that the same is true of the mistresses.

Which takes me to why I am voting for Trump. In an era where the political crop is especially poor and discourse is at one of the country’s low points, Trump is the best worst choice. I’m not voting for a messiah but a political leader.

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Michael  Loftus
Michael Loftus


Dude! This is such a great piece. Dig the honesty, big time! Thank you so much for posting! Keep em comin'!


AND he’s doing it all for free!