Who's on Top of the Latest Poll? Yup. Hillary Clinton! Insanity!

Michael Loftus

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From the Harvard-Harris poll earlier this week the results are in. The hilarious results are in! They added a couple names for people to choose from. Names like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. And ya just knew Hillary would come out on top! Here's how it breaks down:

  • Clinton: 21
  • Biden: 20
  • Sanders: 12
  • Warren: 9
  • Buttigieg & Kerry: 5

So Hillary is ahead of Joe! Hillary. Who has already been repeatedly told "No Thanks" by the American people is on top again!

Do they think she's changed? Do they think she's had a personality transplant? Why would they think this time will be different? It's hilarious to me. Maybe it's all a cruel joke. People are funny.

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