Who Cares if America Doesn’t Want a Woman President?

Paul Hair

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So all the politicians, pundits, and political junkies are talking about “misogyny” now that Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the presidential race. Sigh. Of course they are. Once the left starts a “conversation” about anything, everyone else has to converse about too. Except they don’t. And they shouldn’t. Here are my thoughts, in illustration format, on this latest stupidity.

Our Betters: “America is misogynistic because Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the presidential race and that means America won’t vote for a woman president!”

Left: “That’s right!”

Right: “Nuh-uh! It just means she was a poor candidate! And what about Tulsi Gabbard? She’s still in the race! Why aren’t the Democrats rallying around her if they want a woman president? And does anyone remember how everybody treated Sarah Palin? That was REAL misogyny! Also, Nikki Haley is going to be the first woman president! We’re the TRUE party of feminism!”

Me: “Why is anyone even talking about this?”

Left & Right: “Misogynist!”

Me: [Eye Roll]

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